Academics at Harmony

Harmony’s instructional approach strives for equity by providing a rigorous, challenging STEM curriculum serving all students, a focus on formative assessment, and a culture of high expectations and support. Harmony’s STEM curriculum is student-centered and inquiry-based and emphasizes mastery of 21st century skills that all students will need to be successful in college and career.

Our STEM program is a part of Harmony Public Schools Academic Department, which involves a team of curriculum specialists, instructional coaches, and lead teachers in Harmony Public Schools System. It has three components:

HPS Project-Based Learning Program (PBL): Project-Based Learning is an instructional approach that emphasizes collaboration and personalized learning. In project-based learning, student groups engage in meaningful inquiry that are of personal interest to them. These problems are real-life oriented, curriculum-based, and often interdisciplinary. Learners decide how to approach a problem and what activities or processes they will perform. They collect information from a variety of sources, and then analyze, synthesize, and derive understanding from it.

Harmony developed standards-aligned, cross-disciplinary, multi-sensory model called STEM Students on the Stage (STEM SOS) that integrates three core subject areas: a STEM subject of choice, social studies, and English language arts. The cross-curricular connections and hands-on learning deepen students’ conceptual understanding of topics they choose while allowing teachers to more actively engage their students in new ways of learning. You can learn more about STEM SOS by clicking here:

Professional Development: Harmony believes that content-focused professional development is a critical need to ensure the quality of teaching science and mathematics. Our STEM training model has two major components; the mastery of content knowledge and delivery of the content with effective instructional practices.

STEM Culture: The department also provides strategies and resources for schools to build STEM school atmosphere connecting the students to higher education. We design a variety of opportunities for students to take STEM education “beyond the classroom” and see how today’s instruction connects to career and lifelong learning.

Student Engagement

These are the programs we provide for our students:

Extracurricular activities are sanctioned and sponsored by the school. These activities are not an extension of the classroom curriculum but must meet the stated criteria developed to meet the HPS Philosophy and Mission Statement.

All activities should center on the goals of developing the character for each student involved in that activity. Each sponsor/coach should orient students and parents about their particular activity and provide each participant with an activity affidavit and a participation agreement to be signed by both student and parent. Proof or waiver of insurance, a student release form with emergency contacts (if parents are unavailable), fee payment for that activity, and a signed emergency medical form must be on file for each participating student. Sponsors/coaches should fully understand the guidelines set by the governing organizations under which they participate. Outside of school opportunities for inclusion in an activity’s schedule must defer to HPS philosophy, mission, and calendar, and must be approved by the Campus Engagement & Support Coordinator.

As a reminder, to provide maximum opportunity for students to experience leadership activities, a student may only serve as president of one organization during the current school year. The responsibilities that come with a major leadership position require a strong and focused commitment to that organization.

(Major leadership positions include president of Student Council, president of National Honor Society, editor of the yearbook, editor of the newspaper, etc…)

In order to fulfill our mission in the area of leadership and instruction, Harmony Public Schools offers a wide variety of activities to meet the needs of our student body and to broaden and support their leadership experience. We encourage all students to consider investing in the enrichment opportunities provided by organizational and club memberships. Please note that a student may hold only one major leadership position within the school year. Please refer to the individual constitutional guidelines of each organization for further details.

  • Student clubs and organizations must have a faculty advisor who will be present at all club/organization functions.
  • Student clubs and organizations must submit their club applications and be approved by the campus principal.

Through these organizations, Harmony Public Schools’ students will be provided opportunities to interact socially with their peers with the intent of forming lasting friendships and bonds. Moreover students will benefit by developing leadership skills and learning the value of responsibility, persistence and completion.

Club Names:
  • Student Government
  • NHS
  • Key Clubs

The College Readiness and Leadership Program (C.R.L.P.) is a mentorship program designed to help students improve their skills in:

  • Academics
  • Voluntary Public Service
  • Expedition/Exploration
  • Personal Development (social-emotional-athletics)

We believe that students within a collaborative and cooperative environment will excel at academics while reaching their full intellectual, mental, physical and emotional potential. CRLP is a committed long term interactive mentor-mentee relationship which will help the students` achievement, improve their academic and social skills and enhance the student’s chance of acceptance into top ranking colleges and universities in the Nation as well as around the world. The CRLP mission is to provide academic and social opportunities that prepare students in quest of higher education the resources that they need in order to develop vital STEM, leadership and teamwork skills.

Each summer Harmony Public Schools are especially designed to offer opportunities for young people to try new things, learn, grow, and make friendships that last forever.

Summer Leadership & STEM Program offers unique chances for students to experience classroom lessons in a natural environment as well as University Resident Halls. Camps are also designed to teach the principles of effective leadership and to provide practical experience in applying these skills as student. These camps are offered for middle and high school students at various campsites and college campuses .

For middle schools, HPS provides different activities such as aquatic study, archery, canoeing, geocaching, geology, trail of painted ponies, owl science, wilderness survival, writing in nature, reading time, art classes, character building opportunities, guest speakers including academic and social contents.

For high schools, HPS provides academic, leadership and social based activities such as 3D Animations using Alice, Java and C+ Programming, Cyber Security, Mobile Apps using MIT App Inventor, Drawings using JavaScript, SAT/PSAT Prep, Hands-on with Robots, basketball, soccer, leadership talk series etc...

Parent Engagement

Our goal at the Engagement and Support Department is create partnerships between school, home, and community to increase student success by engaging them in meaningful activities, programs and services. Harmony Public Schools encourage all faculty/staff members to involve in parental involvement programs to create a positive, caring and welcoming school culture

The Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project is a campus-wide model that commit to implement by all school and cluster stakeholders such as school principal, assistant principals, teachers, engagement & support coordinators, head counselors, cluster/campus coaches etc. Our standard delivery model structure is as in below. We;

  • Assign an Engagement & Support coordinator for each campus
  • Conduct a mandatory teacher training every year in August
  • Make at least one home visit per year
  • Conduct home visits with two trained staff members
  • Invite families for a dinner/breakfast at any chosen location at least once per quarter
  • The commencement of home visits are to begin in August

Building a partnership with students and their families is the main purpose of the home visit in our engagement & support system

Over the last forty years, research has indicated with a substantial body of evidence that the involvement of parents and engagement of educators is associated with positive academic performance and social skills in students. With this knowledge the Engagement and Support department has created an initiative that bonds students, parents and administrators in an effort for academic success.

Working Together: Our students, parents, and staff work in harmony to create a strong community of success.

The program goal is to increase student academic success and social development by engaging parents in a safe, caring and collaborative environment.

Program objectives are

  1. to implement and monitor The Harmony Home Visit program,
  2. to increase the level of parental involvement in activities and programs that help promote student achievement and support school staff
  3. to maintain open communication between parents and teachers.
  4. to improve parental monitoring for better school outcomes such as higher GPA and lower discipline issues

Parent engagement recognition will be made based on the number of parent volunteer hours and event participation.

Traveling is the best educational experience. Nothing can compare with actually seeing the world. Traveling abroad can have beneficial outcomes to parents who get the privilege. It gives them a different perspective and a better understanding of history. It shows diversity, differences in languages and gives people insight to the rest of the world around them. Visiting a different country, learning about contrasting ways of living and thinking, and perhaps integrating these experiences into their own value systems.

Parents have been involved in trips abroad over spring and summer breaks in recent years. In the past groups have traveled to places such as Italy, Spain and Greece.

Parents play a significant role in supporting their children’s health and learning, guiding their children successfully through school processes, and advocating for their children and for the effectiveness of schools. Parent engagement in schools is defined as parents and school staff working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. To increase parent engagement in school health, schools must make a positive connection with parents. Schools should also provide a variety of activities and frequent opportunities to fully engage parents such as:

  1. Opening day activity- pig roast, hot dogs, etc.
  2. Parenting Can Be Fun Workshop/Conferences.
  3. Family adventures within one hour’s drive.
  4. Helping your kids choose alternatives to alcohol or drugs.
  5. Math festival
  6. Health night/physical fitness.
  7. Family science fair
  8. Summer make-and-take (reinforcement activities for summer).
  9. MEAP night.
  10. Coffee with the principal.
  11. Pumpkin decorating/pumpkin facts and scary stories
  12. Family board game series.
  13. Positive discipline
  14. Classroom/class newsletters/hotlines
  15. Monthly learning nights with a potluck
  16. Career days
  17. Programs for multicultural awareness and appreciation
  18. Volunteers can help struggling students read tests, listen to their reading, and chaperon field trips
  19. Frequent traveler passports with students’ pictures on them-each time a parent attends an event, the child gets a stamp in his/her passport. After four stamps, his/her name goes into a drawing.
  20. Create something special for non-English speaking families
  21. Build a family timeline night (History)

Harmony Public Schools has recently purchased a software program that will manage, track and recruit volunteers for its 48 schools. The program,, was customized for HPS by Volunteer Now, one of the largest volunteer centers in the country. The system is smart phone-friendly and launched with the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Community engagement through the HPS volunteers plays a vital role in enhancing educational opportunities for HPS students. The technology saves time and money by simplifying and standardizing volunteer management across the district, making it easier for individuals and groups to become involved in schools and placing volunteers where they can be most effective for students.

Like and other commercial sites, the system “learns” specific volunteer interests over time and sends recurring and new opportunities of a similar nature by email, encouraging volunteers to continue or increase volunteer efforts. It provides automated tools for outlining potential volunteer opportunities available at each of HPS campuses; tracks, schedules and reports volunteer activities; and allows for remote check-in and check-out. To register:

Harmony Public Schools Academy is an during and after school educational opportunity for the parents/guardians of HPS students to discover skills to support their children in school.

Through a series of workshops and videos designated to refine specific student support skill sets, HPS Parent Academy participants will acquire knowledge to enhance their role as a student advocate within the learning community. These series include the assessments below;

  • Digital Learning
  • Academic Support
  • Parent Advocacy & Leadership
  • Post Secondary Access
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Parent Engagement

Staff Engagement

Continuous efforts are made throughout the year to recognize employees who make an extra effort to contribute to the success of Harmony Public Schools at the end of each semester. HPS encourages all faculty/staff members to participate in team building activities to create a positive, caring and welcoming school culture.


Harmony Public School’s Staff Recognition Program is designed to create a positive school environment and increase staff motivation, retention rate, and loyalty to the school system in order to better serve students for greater academic achievement, and social development.

For details please see appendix.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a special week for the recognition of teachers, and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in the community in general.

This week is set aside to show respect for the teaching profession in general. It focuses on understanding how difficult it is to deal with young people who have very different minds, sometimes complicated personal lives and backgrounds.

This week will give attention to the fact that teachers work without cessation to help children reach academic milestones, develop awareness of different cultures and cultivate personal knowledge.

It is the responsibility of Harmony Public Schools to have a well organized Teacher Appreciation Week for all staff members.

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to attend all team building activities including Thanksgiving Events, Winter break Events, School Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner engagements, Cooking Classes, Sports, Camping Trips, Parent Teacher Conferences, Appreciation Events, and meetings or events sponsored by school administrators.

Traveling is the best educational experience. Nothing in a classroom can compare with actually seeing the world. Traveling abroad can have beneficial outcomes for employees who get the privilege. It gives staff a different perspective and a better understanding of history. It shows diversity, differences in languages and gives people insight to the rest of the world around them. Visiting a different country, learning about contrasting ways of living and thinking, and perhaps integrating these experiences into their own value systems. This research is supported by the valuable feedback given from Harmony Public School’s teachers who have traveled with students to places such as Italy, Spain, Greece and even Mexico!

College Transition

College transition exists to engage and support Harmony students to higher education by collaborating with Harmony alumni to increase their career, leadership, social and emotional skills in order to build strong and sustainable college going and transition atmosphere in our schools.

HCT coordinates events and programs to provide additional support for first generation, low-income, at-risk students to increase awareness about college access, success and transition opportunities. HCT promotes small campus gatherings, college visits and mentoring programs between HPS high school students, parents and alumni to share best college transition practices for a successful freshman year in any college or university program.

  1. College Visits
  2. College Transition Events
  3. College Panel
  4. Class Reunions
  5. Mentoring Programs
  6. Summer Melt Activities

The purpose of college partnership is to create a trusting bond between University and HPS to cultivate persistent, college-bound, and college-ready students.

Banner Image of High School graduates tossing their mortarboards in the air

HPS and INROADS signed official MOU in March 2012. Both parties agree to form partnership to collaborate and deliver high caliber STEM-focused students taught by highly-qualified math and science teachers and create opportunities for students to garner and obtain personal, academic and professional development, training and skills.


Harmony Public Schools has a partnership with SIXUP to help financial needs of its alumni. SIXUP is a public benefit corporation that serves low-income, underrepresented and first-generation student-achievers with greatest financial need by pooling impact investors into subsidized student loans and programmatic debt relief tied to achievement milestones.

SIXUP logo
United for College Success

Harmony Public Schools started a partnership with the United for College Success (UFCS) Coalition back in 2014. UFCS is made up of eight Texas Charter Managing Organizations, Houston ISD and Spring Branch Independent School District.

Founded in January 2012, the mission of the UFCS is to think innovatively about how to collectively support their alumni in college and develop student success strategies that will increase the college persistence and completion rates among their college age alumni from these schools.

Harmony college transition and support department’s mission is to engage and support Harmony students to higher education by collaborating with vastly growing Harmony alumni community and to create college and career bound and ready school culture.

Harmony College Transition

Harmony College Transition department plans, organizes, coordinates and implements college transition services and activities to support and enhance the college enrollment and stay process easy, smooth and stress free for Harmony students. It increases college and career readiness among high school students.

College Transition Events and Programs:
  • 11 Individual Counseling
  • College Organizations Workshops
  • College Visits
  • College Transition Events
  • College Panel
  • Class Reunions
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Summer Melt Activities

Harmony Honors Scholarship

Harmony Public Schools (“HPS”), a non-profit educational organization operating high performing K–12 college preparatory charter schools in the state of Texas, intends to offer scholarships to HPS graduates. These scholarships, known as a Harmony Honors Scholarship (“HHS”), are offered to eligible HPS graduates pursuing an undergraduate degree from a college or university ranked 1-100 in the annual US News & World Report “Best Colleges” publication. Under the HHS program, HPS graduates who demonstrate excellent and outstanding academic achievement and gain admission to an approved college, and who meet certain eligibility requirements set by HPS, may be awarded a scholarship valued at $1,000 per academic year(consisting of a $500 installment in the Fall semester and a $500 installment in the Spring semester).

Grow Your Own Teacher Program

The mission of HPS is to prepare students for academic success in their future education, enable students to have a broad spectrum of options for their future endeavors, and to prepare them to be effective, responsible, and productive citizens.

In support of this mission and vision, the HPS Board of Directors has established the Grow Your Own Teacher Educational Assistance Program (“the GYOT Program”), which identifies and supports students and graduates of the HPS program, assisting them in attaining an undergraduate degree and a Texas teaching certificate, and then returning them to HPS in an instructional capacity that uses their experience and success in the HPS program to deliver high quality instruction to HPS students.

Expedition & Exploration

Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs are for experiential education. Picture the world as your classroom with each destination a new interactive textbook!However, instead of reading, students are experiencing history, art, culture, fashion, and food and the arts in real-time! Maybe you have traveled overseas and had a taste of exploring a foreign city, a sandy beach, or a historical landmark. If you are looking for another opportunity to go abroad,and to discover, learn, understand and connect with new people, studying abroad is a great option. With Harmony Public Schools’ Study Abroad programs, U.S. high school students have the incredible opportunity to see the world and increase their global awareness. You’ll take classes in the foreign universities and live with a native host family, which will challenge you to push your own boundaries and immerse yourself in another language and culture.

And with more than 4 study locations around the world, you’ll find a Harmony Public Schools Study Abroad program that both challenges and inspires you.

Educational Trips

The following rules apply to field trips/social events:

  • A student must have written permission from the parent/guardian
  • Students must travel by transportation provided by the school except when accompanied by their parent. Parents may not transport any other child but their own.
  • Clothing worn is at the discretion of the administration. Students must wear modest swimwear on all trips that involve water activities. For example, boys are expected to wear knee-length, properly fitting swim trunks, and girls are expected to wear one-piece bathing suits.
  • All school rules are in effect during field trips and misconduct will be handled through the school’s regular disciplinary process.
  • The administration will determine the number of sponsors necessary.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete all assignments before the trip commences. Students with excessive absences, academic, or behavioral problems may be required to remain on campus